Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Compost Life

Today we worked at Growing Power in the morning and Concordia Gardens after lunch. We helped separate good fruit and veggies from bad, then fed the good to the goats and fed the bad to the worms. It was wonderful feeding the goats, they were so excited for the eggplant and cucumbers. They went to work munching away, and it was fun feeding them by hand. Four of us then went to grind blocks of coconut type things and grate it though a mesh screen; the powder is used as fertilizer for the plants. We were incredibly dirty afterwards, the powder went everywhere. After lunch we stopped at Collectivo, a coffee shop that grinds huge burlap bags of coffee right in the shop (at least at this location). At Concordia Gardens, we the man who runs it is employed by Victory Gardens, and the place is just in its second year. We helped move a compost containment area made from wood planks and pallets over, as well as the compost. I'm beginning to feel like we basically live and breathe compost at the moment--definitely positive since compost is so nourishing for the soil. The people there were also wonderful, and it was a positive experience.

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