Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 6 --Cucumbers, Compost, and Coconuts Oh My! With Elise and McKenna

Today was another fun day of working at Growing Power in the morning and Concordia Gardens in the afternoon! We began the day with sorting old food brought in by farmers. The better produce went to the goats and the rotten food went to be composted. Later, we had the opportunity to feed the goats! Some of the goats were rather greedy and did not want to share with the others but otherall they enjoyed their little snack.

Due to rainy weather, some of us stayed inside and grated blocks made of compacted coconut shells. This powder will later be used as fertilizer in the soil for the plants. The job made us very dirty but listening to some music and singing and dancing along made the work go by quick and was a lot of fun. (Not to mention our faces were covered in coconut dust!)

In the afternoon we went to the Concordia Gardens where we had the pleasure to meet Dan, the leader of the community garden, and Yaa, the intern of Americorps. We learned more about smaller scale gardening and community cooperation. Here we helped move their compost pile to another location as well as dig new plots for the community to use. Some of us also weeded out some of the existing garden plots.While working we had a lot of people from the community stop to ask what we were doing and how they too could become involved. It was exciting to see the neighborhood interested in what we were doing.

After we returned to MU and got all cleaned up, we got ready for a night on the town! We went to dinner at The Safe House--a spy themed restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. In order to get into the restaurant, you need to know "The Password" or the door keeper will make the group do something funny/embarrassing in order to get inside through a secret spy entrance. Our group's duty was to do our best zombie impression in order for the door to be revealed. Once inside, our "mission" was waiting for us. We were given a list of things to look for throughout. Some of these things included a two way mirror, a moving wall puzzle, a piece of the Berlin Wall and much, much more! Dinner was AMAZING! Everyone loved the food and ate until we couldn't eat anymore! Leaving The Safe House was another adventure. In order to leave you needed to pay a quarter and go through yet another secret spy underground walkway. Everyone had a BLAST! It was a night we all will remember.
We returned to the apartments and relaxed by playing a bunch of detective group games (to keep with the spy theme of course!) It was great being able to relax after a very busy and work filled few days. We are excited for our last day at Growing Power tomorrow. After having a relaxing evening we will be sure to wake up with lots of energy to work hard!

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