Monday, March 30, 2015

Milwaukee Catalyst Blog Post Day 3 Merry Snyder

Today was a fantastic day! We had the great opportunity to visit two different service sites. We started our day out at Feeding America which is a food donation center. They specifically focus on serving Eastern Wisconsin and last year distributed over 8.3 million pounds of food. In Eastern Wisconsin they have over 377,000 people who face hunger and this company helps to relieve some of that. At this service site we packaged food so it could be shipped to different food shelves and food pantries in the area. We packaged: soups, sauces, noodles, meat, and vegetables. This was an amazing experience seeing the quantities of food that were donated and distributed. However, it was also a large realization for all of us because they had such quantities and they were only barely touching on the poverty and hunger that some people face each day. Although this was a service site and our focus was on the service we were doing, we still managed to have a little bit of fun :)

The next site we visited was the Urban Ecology Center. The Ecology center started with a neighborhood park being crime and liter ridden. The people within the neighborhood came up with a great plan. So they turned the park into a learning center. The center is still today used to teach others. They focus on teaching about sustainability and science within nature. Their organization has now expanded to two other locations and is thriving. At this service site we picked up trash that was left on a park and the nature preserve. This was a great way for us to make connections between food justice and sustainability.

At the end of the day before we all called it a night, we got to visit Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful site and we would recommend anyone to visit. I hope you are enjoying hearing about our lovely trip. 

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